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VCC brings community education to anyone who wants to learn in a friendly, accessible way. We combine live lectures with offline activities, assignments and face to face workshops. To book your place, please email an expression of interest to info@AnCosanVCC.com

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Continuous Professional Development

In the Community Education sector, we know the challenges of developing our skills and competencies with limited time and resources. So we offer a new, creative approach to continuous professional development with our accredited higher education blended learning programmes.

We offer Special Purpose Awards that make professional development easy to access and affordable. Each award can be taken as a single 10 credit module at three stages during the year.

Technology Enhanced Learning (QQI Level 7)

Technology Enhanced Learning Special Purpose Award, QQI level 7, 10 credits: This Certificate focuses on developing digital skills and competencies to enable learners to use a range of educational technologies in practice.  It also critically explores the use of online learning tools and educational technologies. During this module, learners will be introduced to the concept of communities of practice in technology enhanced learning. Learners will investigate and identify effective approaches to building digital skills in their own practice. Finally, learners will examine the Irish and European Union policy frameworks with regard to technology enhanced learning, community education and higher education.

The structure of the module is based on developing an online community of practice using a blended learning approach, as follows:

Induction: 6 hour face-to-face workshop

Week 1: Two hour online session on technology

Online Synchronous Teaching: 2 hours per week online over eight weeks

Online Tutorial: 2 group sessions over the duration of the course

Workshop: 6 hour face-to-face workshop during the module

Cost of Module: €300 – Learners can access a small bursary and scholarship fund, if required.