Accenture and An Cosán VCC have come together to roll out a virtual ‘Skills to Succeed Academy’ around Ireland. The interactive online training programme, developed by Accenture, gives people the skills and confidence to choose the right career and ultimately better position them to get a job or build a business.

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The Academy has been designed to help raise aspirations and build young people’s understanding of how to take ownership of their career decisions.

Incorporating the Skills to Succeed Academy into your employability skills training will support you in preparing people for their journey into the world of work.

Learning by doing helps them choose the right career, handle applications and interviews and prepare for their first day at work.

To arrange a free training session, simply contact Mark Kelly, Skills to Succeed Academy Project Manager on Tel: 086 0499 643 or email

About S2S Academy

About S2S Academy

It’s like a ‘flight simulator’ for the world of work that will help jobseekers improve their skills and confidence.

It offers highly interactive online training modules that take participants through the entire journey of how to think about their career, find and apply for a job and be successful in a work environment.

The Skills to Succeed Academy gives job seekers an opportunity to learn by doing and try things out for themselves, with on-going support along the way.

Become an Advisor

Become an Advisor

Academy Advisors have an important role in supporting jobseekers to use the Skills to Succeed Academy.

Academy Advisors get access to a Support Area designed specifically to provide them with all the resources needed to easily and effectively deliver the training, including a comprehensive Training Handbook, marketing materials and Skills to Succeed Academy certificates.

Supports & Resources

Supports & Resources

All resources and training materials have been designed to specifically address the challenges and barriers to employment and to build core employability skills.

There’s also flexibility in how the Academy materials can be used, with resources for everything from one-to-one coaching to facilitated skills-building group sessions.

Or you may wish to embed it within existing training courses, tutorial time or as part of careers themed events?