Ready to learn?

VCC is here to help you succeed through community education, using virtual and online technologies. It’s for adults of all ages. So if you’re ready to learn, we offer a practical alternative to guide you along the path of learning, helping every step.

Choosing the right level

Our starter courses

We will offer a range of short, free, online courses that anyone can access. So what’s stopping you? These enjoyable, interactive courses can be done in under an hour and include topics like: Learning Online, Personal Development and What’s my Learning Style? You’ll then have the option to access more courses which run for 3-4 sessions. These courses will be available mid-2017


Further Education and Training

Did you leave school early, or maybe you just want to learn a new skill? Our further education and training programmes will help you take the next step. We are building a range of post primary courses for learners, helping you prepare for employment or higher education. These programmes will be available early 2017.


Continuous Professional Development

In the Community Education sector, we know the challenges of developing our skills and competencies with limited time and resources. So we offer a new, creative approach to continuous professional development with our Accredited Higher Education Blended Learning Programmes .

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Higher Education

Through online learning, our students can access a range of higher education options that might not have been possible before. Cost is no longer a barrier, and you can fit your learning around your own schedule. As a VCC student, you are encouraged to actively engage with your own learning and valuable networking opportunities are available through our learning community.

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Learning with VCC


We use the latest technology, which is easy to use for people of all ages and abilities. If you can use a smartphone, you can use our software. Learners take part in face-to-face workshops as well as online classroom discussions, activities and assignments. You study at your own pace and at a time and place that suits you best.

Our Team

Our Team

At the heart of VCC is a brilliant team of subject experts, and each person brings their own unique skills and experience to the table. Innovation is important to us. We’re breaking new ground in the fields of community education and technology all the time, and constantly improving our curriculum and support network to match the needs of our learners.



VCC works with community education organisations to support learners. Knowledge is power, and your local centre gives you access to everything you need to start learning online. It provides a place where you can meet others and share learnings and ideas. In this way you become part of a learning community.

An Cosán Virtual Community College
Why don’t you take a few minutes to watch our short video explaining how Virtual Community College aims to eradicate inequalities through providing online education.

Student Support

We support you

We believe learners need an individual support structure to reach their full potential. So, as well as providing help with course content and technology, we also provide the personal support you need.

Support Network

We have an educational facilitator to provide on the ground encouragement, an online moderator to help with any technical difficulties, and an online counsellor to offer personal support.


With help from Three Ireland, we’ve created an exciting new e-mentoring programme where volunteers will provide study skills and time management assistance to help you stay on track.