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“An Cosán Virtual Community College (VCC), an online and mobile education initiative which empowers young people to learn using virtual and online technologies, has this week announced that it is open for business and actively looking for students in Tallaght to start courses in October.VCC is being supported by Three Ireland.”
InTallaght – June 2015

“An Cosán is flipping the paradigm. Last month this community education centre in west Tallaght in Dublin broadcast its first virtual lecture to students in Limerick’s South Hill and Longford’s Women’s Link Centre. Virtual lectures are nothing new. What is new is that An Cosán is taking community learning, an intrinsically local activity, and making it available nationwide.”
The Irish Times – June 2015

“EdTech flies under the radar in the technology industry. But with a global market worth $250 billion and a hiring boom in Ireland, that is set to change The Irish educational technology sector is in the middle of a hiring boom, according to Martyn Farrows, director of the Learnovate Centre at Trinity College Dublin.”
The Sunday Business Post – August 2015

“In recent years, Ireland has begun to evolve as an incubator for innovative thinking, and in many ways, taking the lead in social entrepreneurship. Social entrepreneurs are people who look at societal problems from new angles. By utilizing business skills they implement creative approaches to address pressing issues and seek to create change on a systemic level.”
The Culture-ist – June 2015

“Liz Waters never wanted to be a chief executive. At heart she is an educator; it’s something about the “hands-on” aspect of teaching that fires her up. Since the 1970s, education has brought her into contact with prisoners, the homeless and other socially and economically disadvantaged people.”
The Irish Times – November 2014

“Using 21st century teaching and learning technologies, community education is the tool to fast track individuals and communities out of poverty all over Ireland.”
Aontas – Spring 2015