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VCC brings community education to anyone who wants to learn in a friendly, accessible way. We combine live lectures with offline activities, assignments and face to face workshops. To book your place, please email an expression of interest to info@AnCosanVCC.com

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Progression Paths: Certificates with An Cosán VCC

The following progression pathways are open to An Cosán VCC learners:

Certificate in Leadership and Community Development (QQI Level 6)

The aim of this interdisciplinary 1 year blended online certificate programme is to develop graduates who are equipped with sufficient knowledge and skills in Leadership and Community Development to enable them to make a professional contribution to communities, groups, societies and organisations and to prepare graduates for life-long learning so that they will be able to further develop and consolidate their knowledge and skills through experience, professional and/or academic education.

VCC is working in partnership with IT Carlow to develop a blended online Bachelor of Arts in Leadership and Community Development (QQI Level 7). Learners who complete Stage 1 at Level 6 of the NFQ (60 credits) are eligible to exit the programme with a “Certificate in Leadership and Community Development” (Minor Award Level 6) or to progress to Higher Certificate and BA awards.

Stage 1 / 60 ECTS

Learning to Learn at Third Level (QQI Level 6)

Introduction to Community Development (QQI Level 6)

Introduction to Community Leadership (QQI Level 6)

Group Work and Facilitation Skills (QQI Level 6)

Social Analysis (QQI Level 6)

Introduction to Citizenship and Social Action (QQI Level 6)