Caroline’s Journey: Week 7

(week7) Leadership

I am not a leader. I am not a follower. I am actually an observer. I like to observe leaders and wonder at their ability to inspire, to encourage, to promote. I watch with interest the followers who magically transform in to leaders themselves through the very act of following. They engage with other people and convince of their cause.

Now, while all of this is happening I am thinking, I don’t really fall into the leader category. And I am not sure I am a follower.

Neither of these assumptions are technically true.

I am both.

I am a leader and a follower. Even as I observe these two actions I am subconsciously partaking.

Everyone has the potential to lead and everyone, no matter their circumstances takes the role of leader in their life.

‘Want to go to the cinema?’

‘I’m going to cook spaghetti for dinner as a surprise tonight.’

‘I want to do the charity run that is coming up next week.’

Even in these simple situations you are leading, you are making a decision to do something that will benefit yourself and others through your action.

‘I’ll help you paint the sitting room.’

‘I wouldn’t mind sitting in on the board meeting today because I need to learn about the new client.’

‘I don’t mind what we do for the weekend, you decide.’

There are many ways we can let other people lead us.

The thing that is important to consider is that you cannot avoid leader and follower, it is part of our every day, even if we don’t realise it.

The thing I have learned from this Community Leadership course is to be aware of the lead and follow, to be conscious of how to use it achieve our goals and the power of these two characteristics in achieving things.

Caroline Healy

January 31, 2017