Caroline’s Journey: Week 6

Come Unite (week 6)

‘I’m part of the L.G.B.T. community. ‘

‘I’m part of the Irish American community.’

‘I’m part of the business community.’

‘I’m part of the knit and knatter community.’


There are all sorts of communities. Sometimes when we think of community we think of active participation; seeking out a group, a club, an organisation to be part of. The sports club, the over 60’s club, the Unicorn Appreciation club – there are plenty of clubs that we can be part of, communities that we can elect to join.

But what happens if you are not interested in knitting or knattering, or unicorns for that matter. Sure you have no interest in joining any of them crazy clubs. You don’t actively want to participate in a community.

Yet we are all part of a community whether we actively search for one or not. We go to the shop to get groceries, we drive on the roads, we obey the law, we search out an education for ourselves or our children, we participate in casting our vote during an election, we avail of health care services, and rely on the Gardaí to protect our homes, our property and ourselves.

We have family, friends, neighbours.

No matter who we are, we all partake in a community. Without these aspects of society, we could not properly function.

When I think of community I always think of the words ‘Come Unite’, like a call to participate, a call to contribute because we all matter, we all have a voice and an opinion and something valuable to offer.

The community leadership course has me thinking on all of these things, on our civic society and how it is made by us and for us. And most importantly how we can contribute.


Caroline Healy

January 24, 2017