Caroline’s Journey: Week 5

Wiki Wondering

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a publicly editable encyclopaedia?

Two men had that very thought. On 15th January 2001 Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger set up an online encyclopaedia that can be edited by anyone. The website was called Wikipedia and it is the largest and most popular general reference work on the internet.

The invention of this website is now part of our everyday lexicon.

‘I’ll just wiki that.’ (I will look up that fact or question on Wikipedia).

‘Hang on till I check that in the Wiktionary.’ (Looks up the Wikipedia website).

Wiki Wiki is a phrase that has its origins in Hawaii and it means quick. This is the inspiration for the title Wikipedia.

As part of the Community Leadership course it is necessary for all the participants to contribute to a Wiki page.

So wiki wiki bury my head in the sand. How am I going to manage this assignment?

So the internet is a magical thing. As is the resources on offer throughout this course. There is a dedicated folder on line with all things Wiki, even a quick explanatory video ( Wiki in Plain English).

After watching this I felt a little better. With trepidation I approached the assignment and found that it is not so hard. I made a few mistakes, deleted a load of content without meaning to, used a bit of bad language when no one else was around. So far I have mastered the concept of group wikis (oh ya, I forgot to mention that the assignment was a group one…) and have even added a little bit of content.

Now, all I have to figure out is how to group edit, how to pose criticism in a constructive way, how to TAKE criticism in a constructive way and most important… how to reach our deadline. Wiki wiki, I better get back to my assignment.

Caroline Healy

January 19, 2017